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If you have to choose between wooden or plastic pallets for your business, some factors can help you decide. Among them, we can mention:
Your cost, The weight to be moved, If its manufacture is easy and fast, The product to be transported or stored.
You must analyze your business very well to define what type of platform you need. However, wooden ones are much more useful for most industries (food, textile, petrochemical, among many others).
Let's remember that wooden platforms have the advantage that they are customizable. They adapt to all kinds of needs without delaying the manufacturing process.


Choosing the right deck for your business..

04-Aug-23        Admin

Why are wooden pallets the best option in the industry?

Wooden pallets are a vital tool. They are necessary to move, preserve and order any merchandise that needs to take from one place to another. With them, the transport of goods would be more organized and manageable.

In addition, there would be a risk that the transported product spoils. Many industries use them for their advantages. The cost reduction is also considerable when using them.

For all this, wooden pallets make a big difference when transporting or storing products. Here we tell you what is essential to choose the ones that best suit your company.

01-Aug-23        Admin

Pallets have a very important role in our global supply chain. And although there are many different types, wood pallets continue to dominate the global market. In fact, in 2019, wood pallets accounted for 92% of unit demand and 83% of sales (source). Why is wood so popular? These products offer a strong combination of cost efficiency and performance.Therefore, it’s no wonder the demand for wood pallets is trending upward. According to Freedonia Group, global demand for wood pallets is forecast to rise 3.7% per year to 5.8 billion units in 2024, valued at $52.5 billion.

Wood pallets continue to dominate the global market

20-Sep-22        Admin

Environmental Product Declaration Certification

Wood pallets have many environmental benefits. This is especially appealing to an increasing number of pallet manufacturers and users who are concerned with material and product decisions as it relates to corporate social responsibility and environmental impact.  Choosing wood pallets helps them meet green initiatives. In fact, wood pallets recently earned Environmental Product Declaration accreditation, which provides independent validation of a wood pallet’s positive environmental impact.

19-Sep-22        Admin

Compared to other pallet varieties, wooden pallets are notably inexpensive. Since the price of the raw material (timber) is very low compared to metal, the end result (wooden pallets) is remarkably cheaper. Therefore, wooden pallets are considered to be the most appropriate solution for the shippers that are looking for low budget pallets. Since the wooden pallets are easily reusable for many times, they have become a preferred choice of many shippers in Middle East.

Wooden pallets are affordable

17-Sep-22        Admin

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